Friday, September 12, 2008

Yes Has A New Singer From Ebay?!?

YES has found a NEW lead singer on YouTube . . . joining the esteemed ranks of JOURNEY (--who discovered Filipino sensation Arnel Pineda on Youtube) and BOSTON (--who discovered BRAD DELP sound-alike Tommy DeCarlo there.)

--Recently, Yes bassist CHRIS SQUIRE went YouTubing to see what was out there . . . and that's when he discovered some dude named BENOIT DAVID, who sang in SEVERAL Yes tribute bands in Montreal, Canada.

--As you may know, Yes doesn't need a PERMANENT new singer . . . because they still have JON ANDERSON. But this past June, Jon was diagnosed with acute respiratory failure . . . and his doctors ordered him to rest for at least SIX months.

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gail said...

BOSTON's singer was not found on You Tube