Thursday, October 9, 2008

Could This Be The New Led Zeppelin Singer?

TWISTED SISTER singer DEE SNIDER claims that LED ZEPPELIN has found a replacement singer for their "reunion" tour . . . assuming ROBERT PLANT continues to refuse to do it.
And that singer is . . . MYLES KENNEDY of ALTER BRIDGE.

Alter Bridge is the band that the other guys in CREED formed so they could get the hell away from SCOTT STAPP and all his drama.

If you're wondering how Dee Snider would know this, apparently his manager also works with Plant. He tells, quote, "They're saying [to Robert], 'We're all rehearsed, we're ready to go, here's a gazillion dollars on the table . . .

"'If you don't do it, we're going out with this kid. And he can sing the (crap) out of Zeppelin.' And they're gonna, like, hope that Robert . . . at the last minute, will go, 'OK', and step in."

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