Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Beatles - Revolution take20 Newly surfaced 11-minute outtake

An extended and previously unreleased version of The BEATLES' "White Album" track "Revolution 1" has surfaced on the Internet. You Tube has it labeled as Take 20, which is what you hear Abbey Road engineer GEOFF EMERICK slate it as, but this is actually what the Beatles recorded on the first day of the sessions for the double-LP on May 30th, 1968, and continued working on the following day as well as on June 4th. According to MARK LEWISOHN's definitive book, "The Beatles Recording Sessions," JOHN LENNON took home a mono mix of Take 20 on a plastic spool after the June 4th session, and that's what this You Tube file must be. It runs nearly 11 minutes and includes a lot of the material John would eventually use on the massive "Revolution 9" placed on Side 4 of the "White Album."

If the video above doesn't work try this LINK!

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